Deb Walker Accounting

In 2012, Deb Walker (CPA) decided to start up Deb Walker Accounting. She'd always enjoyed working directly with clients and building a rapport and found that when you develop a solid working relationship with a client, it makes the whole process of getting taxes or account done, easier and less confronting.

Her broad experience base, working both locally and oversees - prior to starting Deb Walker Accounting - allows her to provide the highest possible standard of accounting to her growing client base.


As my business was fairly new I was able to be taken on a branding journey from the start. It started with a discussion on my business, my personality type and a general discussion about my business journey and where I wanted to travel. From that discussion my logo was developed – which I absolutely love and I couldn’t count the number of times my clients have mentioned how much they were attracted to my logo. It is a direct reflection of my personality and how I wanted to operate my accounting business being friendly, approachable and not "traditional stiff accounting firm looking".

Once my logo was formed my identity was created from business cards, letterhead, envelope design, web site & office wall decal. Having these foundations made the move into advertising being paper ads, flyers, facebook, twitter and google advertising easy. The response to my campaigns has amazed even myself. 

I guess I underestimated the importance of having strong and identifiable business branding but now that I have everything in place I do not know how business succeed without it. I recently attended a business seminar and they placed marketing as a key pillar to your business – the same as accounting and I would agree 100% that the same emphasis should be placed on marketing your business as record keeping and financial monitoring. And unless you’re an accountant, I wouldn’t recommend doing your own tax return and this applies to marketing, unless you’re a strategic marketer – you should employ someone who is. You need to get this pillar of your business 100% right. After all, it’s how your business is perceived.

Deb Walker, CPA
Deb Walker Accounting