Fluid Design Group

Project Case Study

About the Project

The Unite Project is an exciting collaboration between Cotton On Group, Emma and Tom’s, Ladder and Fluid to help disenfranchised youth in your local community through the sale of bottled water. The Unite Project water can be found in select venues, cafés and sporting facilities around Victoria and, in coming months, right across Australia.

Proceeds from the sale of the water contribute directly to Ladder programs that fight against youth homelessness within your local community. Wherever you buy the water, that’s where the community benefits.

Fluid's role in the project was to undertake a re-branding of The Unite Project.

Part of this re-brand was the launch of a new website > theuniteproject.org.au

With a tight delivery timeframe of just a few days, Fluid provided us with the artwork for the new site on a Friday afternoon. The site went live on the following Monday.

Both Fluid and their client are very happy with the new site.