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An Introduction to our PR Intern, Carolyn!

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Ah, selfies. Where would we be without them?

Nowadays we like to use our mobile phones to take our self-indulgent portraits, but technically, couldn’t you assume that all commissioned portraits (be it a painting or sculpture) are just very extravagant selfies? 

By now, you’ve probably all seen my own selfie on the Digitalsmith’s various social pages. Believe it or not, it took me ten minutes and thirty different images before I narrowed my selection down to an image of myself that I felt comfortable sharing. 


Oh hey there, first day at Digitalsmith!


And whilst my selfie can tell you, the viewer, many things about me, I thought a little blog post was in order to introduce myself more…ahem…formally to you all.

Yes, I am a millennial. I never knew the world prior to the commercial inception of the internet, I never purchased a record or made a mixtape for a high school crush. Instead, I spent hours crafting the perfect Myspace layout, I made mix CDs for my best friends, I use the word bae, and I think that Kim Kardashian is very interesting.


The perfect Myspace picture was equivalent to finding the perfect dress to wear to your BFF's 13th birthday


You’re probably rolling your eyes so far back in your head that you’re afraid they’re going to get stuck there. Permanently. But never fear, I have many qualities that don’t revolve around the pop culture obsession of today’s youth. 

I’m a professional photographer by trade. That’s probably surprising to most of you as I’ve been formally introduced in this sphere as a public relations intern. Alas, whilst I have a profound passion for social media and creating relationships with people, I’m equally passionate about all things photography. I’ve been photographing professionally since the age of sixteen. I most enjoy taking portraits and capturing people’s idiosyncrasies. I find that this translates into all portrait work whether it be families, events and weddings, even fashion! 


Deer in the Headlights, 2012


I’m also a big fan of food and coffee. I work part-time as a barista and I like to pair my passion for photography with my enthusiasm about food on a daily basis. I upload most of these photos to my Instagram account. To answer your burning questions, my favourite type of food is a burger and I have my coffee black…like my soul… *insert winking emoji here*


Some delicious eye candy from Millars Lara


After beginning my academic career at the University of Melbourne studying Fine Arts, I decided that no matter how romantic I thought it was it wasn’t for me, so I pursued something a little bit more fun.


Disfigured, 2012


I’m now half way through my second year of studying a BA majoring in media communications, journalism and public relations at Deakin University. I’ve studied the majority of my degree online, which was a core reason as to why I chose Deakin for my undergraduate degree. One thing I really love about Deakin is that they have truly embraced online learning. Albeit, some aspects could be improved, but overall my experience has been very positive. Last year, for one of my subjects, all of my lectures were Youtube videos and our tutorial discussions were all conducted on Twitter. Talk about harnessing that new technology. Shout out to my favourite unit chair, thus far, Adam Brown for coordinating that amazing and engaging subject.


Matthew, 2014


Naturally, as I’m a university student, I’m very concerned about my job prospects as a graduate. I purposefully picked PR as a career path because it is an expanding field. Technological advancements are progressing more rapidly than any other previous time in history and it is exciting! I love the fact that I can utilise the skills that I’m learning in both Journalism and Media Communication to enhance my interests in public relations. I’m so excited about where my studies will take me during the course of my undergraduate and beyond! 

If you wish to see more about my photography and food ventures, you can follow me on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Before the Storm, 2014