EDM customisation, with designs from Fluid

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Sending out promotional emails is great – right? Letting customers know what you’re up to, keeping them informed, keeping you top of mind so the next time they think of a product or service that your business caters for – they call you.

That’s all well and good – but if you’re only using standard email, it’s not measurable.

How do you know if your emails are being opened?

Which links are getting clicked on? In other words, are people interested in the content?

Can people unsubscribe and your email list is automatically being managed?

i.e. to prevent you getting in trouble through anti-spam legislation / the spam act.

EDM – electronic direct marketing or email marketing solves all of these problems. You have metrics to work with, so you know whether the information / promotions you are sending out are getting traction, rather than just hoping they are with standard email.

We’re now designing custom EDM templates that fit perfectly with your branding

Get a bespoke EDM design from our friends at Fluid ( - the design is then built right here at Digitalsmith and tested across a wide range of devices, operating systems and email clients. You can then populate the EDM with your stories and promotions.

You’ll have a professional looking email, that fits with your branding and provides you with a range of valuable marketing metrics including;

  • Geographical locations – of where emails were opened,
  • Device type the email was opened on
  • Operating system
  • Browser
  • Links that were clicked on
  • If the email was forwarded and how many times

 … these, and many other metrics.

By having this information at hand – you can improve the relevance of your messaging over time (knowing the type of information people are interested in), thereby improving open rates and achieving that all important ‘cut through’ with your client base.

Currently with our custom designs, we’re supporting the MailChimp and Campaign Monitor EDM platforms and will be looking to support the development of custom templates on other platforms later this year.

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