Our Journal

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So, here it is - the Digitalsmith Journal page.

Is it just another blog? Well... no, or at least - we don't believe so. 

Essentially this is a place for us to post articles mainly relating to our fields of expertise - branding, marketing, coding, HTML5, CSS3, Umbraco, the importance of good design, using video to tell authentic brand stories and of course as the saying goes, much, much more.


On the less serious side of things, we'll inject some of our passions in here - our travels, our love of coffee and cafes, the occasional movie or book review.

While we want to provide serious articles that are thought provoking and give our website visitors topics for discussion, we're keen to inject some personality in to the journal.

This is a reflection of the way we do business.

It's our belief that if we are to achieve successful outcomes with and for our clients, establishing a meaningful relationship with out clients is essential.

Understanding a person's point of view invariably requires getting to know them

So on that note, let's commence getting to know one another, share our views on marketing, branding, coding and of course, coffee.

We're really looking forward to it.


Leighton Wells.

Marketer, coffee addict and part time age-group triathlete.