Managing a Social Media Campaign: Tools of the Trade

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I’m a serial social media user. I have an account on just about every social media site you can imagine. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the content and information. Each day I get more Candy Crush invitations than I can count and more tweets on my dashboard than I have time to read

So when it comes to using and managing social media for a major event, like Pivot Summit, there are some tools out there to help us with keeping up to date with all of the notifications.

Traditionally, if you wanted to update your Facebook status or type out a sassy tweet, you would type in the URL in the address box, right? Well, what if I told you that there are tools out there so that you never have to visit the Facebook website again!

At the moment, Hootsuite is my dashboard management tool of choice. I’m able to create different dashboards for each social media site which allows me to see who is talking about Pivot Summit and I’m able to see how many tweets are using our hashtag #pivotsummit2015. I’m able to keep up to date with everything happening on my timeline whilst also sorting the people we follow into lists so that I never miss a thing. I can retweet, favourite, like and comment my heart out on Hootsuite without ever having to open up an additional window. I can queue multiple posts, publish posts for optimal viewing time and check out how our insights are tracking.

 It is an immensely powerful tool that has made me question why I haven’t started using it for my own personal social media channels. However, there are a few things that, of course, would make my life even easier.


The user interface

The Pivot Summit Dashboards

So the user interface is a little bland, to say the very least, in my opinion. I have this powerful tool at my fingertips yet the UI is uninspiring, slow and complicated. It took me a good hour to actually work out how to use the dashboard interface. Switching between tabs is painfully slow and sometimes when I hover over posts to retweet or share to our profiles, the icons take a few good seconds to load. 

When the number one reason you’re utilising tools such as Hootsuite is to save time, you want content to load seamlessly without glitches.

Overall, the design could be cleaner and much prettier.


5mb Limit


Yes, you read that right, Hootsuite has a 5mb limit on any photograph you upload via the dashboard. Whilst I understand that this is to speed up the process of publishing posts, as a photographer it is highly annoying. I make sure that images are the focus for the majority of our posts online. I take pride in sharing high-quality images both in content and file size. A 5mb jpg file is so small and whilst the image may look okay on Twitter or Instagram you can bet your bottom dollar that it looks awful on Facebook.

This means, that when I’m uploading an image that needs to be high resolution, I have to open a new tab to visit the Facebook website. Talk about counter productive.


Tumblr Integration

You know what would be downright amazing? If I could upload content to my Tumblr page from Hootsuite! We don’t use Tumblr here at Pivot Summit HQ, but I certainly use Tumblr for my own photography business and it would be amazing if I could create content from the dashboard instead of having to open a new tab.


10/10 recommend reading the Hootsuite blog

However, for all of the downfalls, Hootsuite offers many positive aspects that I absolutely love. I find their blog articles to be particularly insightful and thoughtful. If you’re interested in being a social media wizard, this is the place to begin. There are some amazing tips and tricks that are easy to implement into your everyday social media routine.

They have very helpful videos for helping you get the most out of the Hootsuite dashboard. Seriously, where Hootsuite may be lacking in the user interface, the videos definitely make up for it. Simple and easy.

 Check out the Hootsuite Youtube channel for some tips and tricks!


Of course, there are many other similar websites out there that you can try to find the one you like best. Next week I’ll be trialling Sprout Social to compare and contrast their features against Hootsuite. Tweetdeck is another great dashboard management service that is free for Twitter! 

Do you use any social media management applications? Let me know your opinions in the comments below!