Like all things Digitalsmith, our process is lean, flexible and driven by logic.



Developing a sound strategy for your brand and business is a great place to start.

It not only gives everyone a clear plan to work to, it fosters the development of new ideas that can add value to your business and help build your brand.


Then comes the fun stuff – developing the branding itself.

From logos to full-blown campaigns, we employ tried and tested design and communication principles ensuring cut-through creative that’s bold and effective.


And with today’s connected consumer in mind, digital almost certainly has to be part of your marketing mix.

We’re adept at doing just that with a team of development experts on hand.

So that's our process in a nutshell.  And while it's essential to have one, our business structure enables us to work around you - so we're flexible and adaptable to your business needs and tailor our processes accordingly.

Strategy Strategy

Before you embark on a marketing campaign for your business, it’s not just important to have a strategy (and a plan) – it’s essential.

That’s because a sound strategy is at the crux of any successful marketing, brand or advertising campaign.

Strategy is, in essence, a rock solid plan that defines your core messages, value proposition, target audience and, importantly, sets a clear path for reaching your end goals.

The Digitalsmith team has provided strategic direction to a wide range of businesses – from one-person consultancies to large multinational operations across all manner of industries.
Our approach to developing a sound strategy for your business comes down to finding the right balance between your requirements and objectives, the needs of your customers, and the many opportunities afforded by new technologies.

Once we’ve gained a thorough understanding of your business and the market you operate within, we go to work devising a strategy that encompasses the best of physical and digital environments, and clearly shows the path you need to take for long-term success.

Branding Branding

In essence, a brand represents the sum of all the parts of your business. And the promise your brand makes – what your business stands for – should be reflected across every touch point, from the logo on your stationery to the way you communicate in your advertising.

Whether you require a strategic plan or design elements to enhance your profile, we have the skills and expertise to handle every aspect of your branding.

Drawing from a pool of top talent – together with tried and tested design principles – we work closely with you to craft a brand asset that stands out from the competition, communicates clearly and effectively – and endures.

Development Development

While your website might look amazing, do you know what’s going on behind the scenes? We do. And that’s because we know how to develop websites and platforms the right way – and that means looking after the backend as well we the front.

In fact, our focus is on providing you with a platform that endures and can be expanded and updated over time as your requirements change and business evolves. A key component of this strategy involves the implementation of a Content Management System, which puts control of a site’s content in your hands.

The Content Management Systems we work with are used by leading companies all around the world.

We also provide a full web hosting service – through a select group of providers – to suit your specific business needs and requirements.

Our development team consists of developers who all undertake regular training and certifications to ensure they’re at the top of their game. From websites to apps, our development services and skills can be applied to all manner of projects.